"Your body is a field of energy, information,and intelligence capable of perpetual healing, renewal, and transformation.”
— Deepak Chopra, M.D., "Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps to Reverse Aging"
Awakening the healing power of the body

Our own body’s life force has a healing power that is stored in our organs, our cells, and in our minds. When our energy–qi flows well, we enjoy good physical health and a sense of mental and emotional well being. When our energies are blocked or stagnant, we do not function well and may become depressed or sick. Health and happiness are the results of abundant, flowing, harmonious qi. Restorative Qigong, also known as Qigong Healing, is a technique that awakens the healing power of our own bodies to bring our body, mind and spirit to balance and harmony. By working on certain energy channels of the body, both on the physical and energetic level, Restorative Qigong helps to quiet the mind and to remove and release blocked energies and emotions, to bring the qi back to a healthy, balanced and harmonious state. This relieves the physical, mental and spiritual level of pain, tension and stress to bring about a sense of well being and oneness. The client need not believe in qi or Restorative Qigong for it to work. It works on skeptics and on animals!

How much does it cost? A suggested donation of $75.00

What does it do?
Restorative Qigong is highly effective in inducing the relaxation response, releasing muscular tension and strengthening the immune system.
Restorative Qigong is not a diagnostic procedure or a “cure” for any specific disease or illness; it instead awakens our own healing power to allow us to enjoy our lives more truly and fully. You do not have to be sick to benefit from a session. Many people choose to receive regular treatments as preventive measures to maintain wellness and promote relaxation. A typical session leaves one feeling relaxed yet full of energy, happy and grateful. External Qi Healing is excellent therapy for a range of problems, physical, emotional and spiritual. Qigong is a complete system of health care that recognizes the root causes of symptoms or disease, and treats the individual as a whole, so all people can benefit from a treatment.

How may it help me?
External Qi Healing is an effective complementary treatment for:
Cardiovascular disease
Chronic fatigue
Joint pain
Sleep disorder
Stomach pain

Practiced as an adjunct to Western Medicine and other modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Restorative Qigong Healing may successfully treat people with conditions that Western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous. Clients experience positive results in the realms of: Depression, Energy levels, Mood regulation, Emotional distress (anxiety, sadness, grief, fear, anger). A healing treatment supports your professional medical or psychological treatments, and should not be used in place of such treatments.

What is a healing session like?
Preparing for a session:
Wear loose, comfortable clothing (no blue jeans). Prior to the session you will be asked to remove all jewelry, shoes and socks. The meridians on the head are also opened, so please have dry hair. It is best if you do not eat anything within one hour of the session. Sessions can range from 45-60 minutes, depending on what is being treated and the methods being used. This includes an initial intake, discussing the client’s current body/mind conditions, and some “waking up” time after the session.

During a session
Restorative Qigong sessions are highly individualized, catering to the individual needs of the client. The session is done with you lying comfortably on a massage table (and can also be done sitting in a chair). You are fully clothed. I will first assess your energy (qi) using non-contact methods and, if needed and acceptable to you, methods that require minimal touch to the body (back of spine, fingers and toes).
RESTORATIVE QIGONG TREATMENT TECHNIQUES ADDRESS THE ORGANS AND THE BODY MERIDIANS. Then I will use the appropriate treatment methods. There are two main categories of techniques, with most sessions utilizing both treatment techniques. The first treatment technique works on a purely energetic level and does not involve any physical contact. I will then hold my hands a few inches above the body and assess the health and balance of qi. Specific therapeutic passes are used to increase energy, disperse stagnation, or reduce pain. The entire session can be done on a purely energetic level. The second treatment technique involves hands-on techniques, similar to massage therapy, to open the energy channels of the head and body. This massage technique utilizes Tai Chi press, and is designed to open any blockages in the client’s qi flow. All meridians and the internal organs are addressed in each of these treatment techniques. During the treatment, people can sometimes perceive the qi flow within their own body, often as waves of heat or cold or other sensations. Clients experience the Tai Chi press massage as very pleasant and relaxing, and often fall asleep during the session.

Going home
Please plan to be in a quiet, relaxed environment following the session. If you can, sit or lie down quietly in nature for a period of time. This will allow your body’s healing energies to integrate and be sustained. Avoid technology and any stimulating food, beverages or alcohol. Drink green tea. Please note that the healing will continue over a few days after the session in which the energies of mind and body continue to be balanced. To continue to promote the client’s own natural healing, I may recommend Qigong movements or meditations to address specific concerns. Repeated practice, even twenty minutes per day, can greatly increase the health of the client.

Will I need more than one session?
If it is a general Wellness Treatment (one where the client has no underlying condition) then one treatment may be sufficient, although many clients who have no underlying condition often want multiple sessions as they feel their energy balanced and relaxed. If there is an underlying condition, some clients experience significant improvement after the first treatment. Most clients notice definite changes by the fourth or fifth treatment. Acute problems are more likely to respond quickly. Long-term, chronic conditions will require a longer course of treatment.

To make an appointmernt:
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